Title: Perfect Brew – Tea timer
Genre: Productivity App.
Android release date: 2014
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It’s tea Time!

Make the perfect cup of tea with our PerfectBrew : Tea Timer app!

Possibly the most realistic and stylish Tea Timer on the market with animations, steeping and steam effects.
You will want to just brewing more tea just as an excuse to enjoy them over and over.

Tea Timer is a steep timer that comes with:
– 23 pre-set teas /infusions:

+ Black tea
+ Earl Grey
+ Masala Chai
+ Green tea
+ White tea
+ Oolong tea
+ Pu-erh tea / red tea
+ Yellow tea
+ Rooibos
+ Nettle
+ Pippermint
+ Camomile
+ Rosemary
+ Thyme
+ Lavender
+ Fennel
+ Ginger
+ Ginseng
+ Cannabis
+ Generic Herbal infusions (Leaves)
+ Generic Herbal infusions (Stalks)
+ Generic Herbal infusions (Roots)
+ Generic Herbal infusions (Flowers)

– Lets you CUSTOMIZE your own timers to match your taste.
– You can CREATE and SHARE your own NEW tea configurations as much as you want, no limits.
– No matter what make you use: Twinings, PG, Tetley , Teavana, Lipton, etc. You can set up the times as they say in the package too!

Each tea includes a description, with brief history / health benefits. Plus typical serving suggestions with steep temperature, time and quantity.
Timer works even while your device is asleep. (Supported in 95% of the phones)
– Metric and Imperial systems of measurement
– 4 Different beautiful backgrounds
– 2 Types of buttons (Wood and Steel)
– Possibility to choose to display loose tea (in a ball) or tea bags.

This beautiful and customizable Tea Timer is convenient and easy to use ! Enjoy !

Let us know about your suggestions and comments. We hope you like it !

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