KaleidoGames, a self-funded team of talented people working hard to create the amazing cross-platform games and apps.

Our development framework is constantly optimized to support every day more devices. We'll keep improving our engine with every new app and update older apps to keep up to date with technology.

We currently develop games and apps for:
- Android (smartphones, tablets, consoles)
- iOS (iTouch, iPad and iPhone)
- Windows & OSX.

Please if you like our apps, let us know, it gives us a lot of joy to hear that kind of comments!
Beekyr: Shmup with bullet-hell modes.
Lovely tea-brew assistant app.
Experimental game that demands quick actions.
Vortex Attack is an addictive fun action shmup game with lots of ships upgrades, levels and explosions.

Cross-platform apps and games


Perfect Brew : Tea Timer

Road Danger

Vortex Attack

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