WARNING: This is only for EXPERT GAMERS (Top Shmuppers)
The hardest mode in Beekyr Reloaded is called ELITE MODE. It has 18 Stages and it has it’s own rules:
  • To be able to submit any hi-scores to the leadeboards you need to complete the game.
  • Game starts in World 2

Once you complete this mode you will submit your score to a special leader boards where the best of the best should be.

Once we have 5 players in that list we will add them to the game credits (in an update for the PC version) and below. They will be ordered by date, first to reach this will be best forever. Plus, if the player records himself playing in a video and shared it with the world in social networks, we will deliver a unique special price by mail.

Spread the word, this could be a good chance to show of your shmup skills. Can you beat this mode?



1st Fran Friki (Uploaded : 1st Jan 2018)

2nd FreezeMan42 (Uploaded : 13th May 2018)