KaleidoGames is currently working in several projects:

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Slam Bros.

Arcade, Platformer

Estimated release year: 2020

Steam-PC, Arcade, Nintendo Switch , XBOX and PS4

Maybe Also: PS5? MegaDrive.
progress: Pre-production.

Vortex Attack 2

Arcade, Shoot’em up

Estimated release year: 2021+

Steam-PC, Arcade, Nintendo Switch

Maybe Also: XBOXONE & PS5?
progress: Pre-production.

Odyx Tales

Metroidvania, platformer

Estimated release year: 2022/2023

Steam-PC , Nintendo Switch , XBOX, PlayStation
Development progress: <10%

Horror Hunters

Arcade, platformer

Estimated release year: ?
Steam-PC, Arcade, Nintendo Switch

Maybe Also: XBOXONE, PS4 & Sega MegaDrive / Genesis
Development progress: ~15%.

Last updated: 03 Jan 2020