Our games and apps

Beekyr Reloaded
2017 - PC
Vortex Attack
2015 - PC
Perfect Brew
2014 - Android
Beekyr: Eco shoot'em up
2013 - Android
'Beekyr Reloaded' is a 2D Arcade Shoot'em up with personality.

It alternates vertical and horizontal gameplay through 28 action-packed stages.

The goal of the game is to save the hive and queen from the evil enemy bugs.
Vortex Attack is a frenetic arcade space shooter specially designed for tournaments.

The game is based in classic mechanics with interesting new features like vortex system, different playable ships, tons of upgrades, explosive effects and an intense local multiplayer mode.
Perfect Brew: Tea timer.

It's tea Time! Make the perfect cup of tea with our app!

Possibly the most realistic and stylish Tea Timer on the market with animations, steeping and steam effects.

You will want to just brewing more tea just as an excuse to enjoy them over and over.
Beekyr is a 'bullet hell' / danmaku 16-bit style shoot em up, shmup.

The game leads our cool bee through 23 amazing levels in fields, trees, forests, rivers, waterfalls, jungles and caves to avenge his queen and hive from the nasty wasp queens and their soldiers...

Very similar to space shooters but set in the world of bugs.
We develop intense and addictive games that are hard to master but easy to play. We get to this well balanced results by investing 60% development time to study and adapt the difficulty level to every level of our games.

Nowadays, in 2017, we feel games are going towards being interactive movies. But we're making everything possible to keep videogames as fun, short and amazing experiences. It's important for our busy live to play and release stress. Right now, we are hiting hard with the shmup genre, we are doing as much as we can to restore the status it used to have in the 90s. It's time to play and enjoy our games!